In 2016, M Bar C Construction unveiled a new division of the company, M Bar C Electric. With this division growing and the industry’s constant changes, it is important to us to conduct training to improve our team members’ skills and knowledge for a safer and more productive team.

From January 2-5, 2018, M Bar C Electric conducted annual rigorous training for their field crews and foremen. This training was important to prepare the employees for industry changes, improve their technical procedures, and improve their understanding of safety procedures on the field. With a high demand for highly trained electric crews, M Bar C Electric wants to ensure that we are delivering the best service by providing highly trained employees.

“With such a high demand for Electricians and a shortage of new trade professionals, it is crucial to M Bar C Electric to provide the most skilled individuals to our clients. This begins with continuous education dedicated to growing leaders who are capable of teaching their crews and creating a safer work environment, which in turn creates efficient crews. This investment to provide quality education for our employees will ultimately make our teams as a whole stronger and more skilled than their industry counterparts. “

Sean Bright, Director of Electrical Services, M Bar C Electric

The focus of our foreman training was on four critical improvement points; safety, schedule and planning, time and costs, and quality control and manpower.


To ensure strong safety practices, foremen are to conduct weekly safety meetings, as well as, daily huddles. These weekly safety meetings are to identify overall job hazards and common hazards to be aware of on site. After the meetings have been conducted, each employee must sign-off the topic sheets, ensuring training has been completed and the information has been comprehended. These weekly meetings are important for employees to understand and be aware of the hazards that they will encounter on a daily basis. From these meetings, employees understand the risks they take when they do not follow safety protocol and the disciplinary actions that will follow.

Daily huddles focus on job-specific topics and site-specific hazards that may be encountered. These daily huddles help address any concerns the crew members may have and allow for everyone’s voice to be heard. These daily meetings conducted by the foreman, allow the foreman to walk-though the day’s tasks at the direct work area, providing their team with a strong understanding of the tasks, goals, and safety procedures necessary to complete the project.

Schedule and Planning

Our number one goal throughout all divisions of M Bar C is to ensure everyone goes home safely. Therefore, we like to emphasize the importance of scheduling and planning. A large focus in this training is also the difference between busy work and productive work. An important factor in ensuring a safe and productive work environment is careful planning and staging of the work site. We train our foremen to recognize when and how to schedule and plan for timely and safe completion of each project. Being able to step back and see the whole process and assess the needs of the project to reach the goals and target dates are essential skills that we want our foremen to improve upon.

The major topics covered in our planning training include how to create a logistics plan, recognizing key components, and how to plan for them. We also go over workflow and the key components and how to make it more efficient. While this topic may seem intuitive, we believe that emphasizing and continuous training on efficient materials and equipment ordering procedures is very important in ensuring timely completion of the goals of the project. These organizational and planning skills are why our team is so sought after for projects all over Southern California. 

Time and Costs

Our employee’s accuracy and efficiency provide our clients with quality products and reduce additional costs. To deliver the best product and cost to our clients, we train our employees on proper procedures for unit tracking, quantity input, and budget review. This way there will be very minimal room for error and projects will be completed efficiently.

Quality Control and Manpower

Our employees take ownership and pride in their work. Through thorough quality control procedures, our team delivers the best product to our clients. We stress the importance of gathering a checklist and a quality control report. This ensures that nothing gets overlooked in the workflow. To eliminate time-wasting procedures, M Bar C Electric teaches the foremen to recognize the need for mock-ups and scheduling the appropriate amount of manpower for each job. Along with this training, we want our foremen to really understand their jobs to ensure the crews are working at 100% efficiency. As our leaders on the field, foremen are taught to recognize when steps can be eliminated or streamlined without sacrificing quality or safety.

Finally, we want our foremen to understand the pivotal role they play in the company and on the field. They are the key to organization and order on each site. We want them to understand that strong communication with their crew is crucial to the success of each project. They must coordinate and train their crews properly on efficient and safe methods for completing all tasks. Risk management skills are also strongly emphasized and presented to the foremen during this training session. Tools, such as scheduling, timecards, and pre-construction checklists are only some of the training provided to the foremen to mitigate risk and eliminate project delays.

Strong leaders give rise to strong teams. This training is a key part to our success as a company. Our goal is to build strong leaders to deliver the best services and products to our clients. We are so proud of the hard work and commitment to quality that our crews have shown in 2017 and we are looking forward to an even stronger 2018.

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